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Crochet Cupcakes: Why do I love them?

I love crochet cupcakes. I’m not sure why. I can’t eat them. I mean, I could squeesh them and maybe nom on them a little, but I don’t think they would taste good.

Yet, I still love them. They are small and colourful and adorable and they don’t even have to have faces!

I have not yet attempted to crochet a cupcake for myself. I think the reason is, if I did, I would be compelled to fill my apartment with as many as I could.

Here is some photographic Flickr evidence of my mini-obsession:

Swirly icing-y goodness by stripeyblue. (I especially love the rainbow cupcake paper.)

Teeny tiny cupcakes courtesy of: Agata Balbina.

Happy, smiley, outdoor cupcake from: rengawk.

And now, as a bonus of extra cute cupcakie-ness:

I can’t handle this. From: gesikah.


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