The Fat Squirrel Story

This is an amigurumi that I made a little while ago. While I was asking my boyfriend for new ideas for amigurumi, he suggested I make a Fat Squirrel. This might sound innocent to some, but there is a backstory there that makes the whole thing much more …. loaded. Following is the ‘Fat Squirrel Story’.

When my boyfriend and I were undergraduates, we used to walk through the park together a lot to get to class. I would talk at length and he would often get distracted and not listen to what I was saying. In order to cover for not paying attention to me, he would just repeat the last thing I said in a cute way. For example:

Me: “…so I thought that was quite an elegant mathematical proof.”
Bf: “You’re an elegant mathematical proof. ” *kiss on cheek*

Yes, it got repetitive but it worked well for him until this little exchange happened:
Me: “Wow, that’s a really fat squirrel.”
Bf: “You’re a fat squirrel.”
It happened so quickly that he didn’t realize what came out of his mouth until he said it. Needless to say, I was less than impressed.

Fat Squirrel lives on to this day. Now, he is an amigurumi pattern so that his squirreliness can be enjoyed by all!

Fat Squirrel

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