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The Enigmatic Stitch Marker

Stitch markers are necessary things when you’re crocheting in spiral rounds. Unless you have mad counting skills and zero interruptions, you’re going to need one sooner or later.

As I am extremely cheap, I was previously unaware that stitch markers come in fancy shapes and sizes. I have only ever used the ghetto method of sticking a stray piece of yarn through the last stitch of each round. (I just move it up every round. That’s right; I only use one piece of yarn for the whole thing.) I’ve also heard of similar ‘thrifty’ methods like using stray paper clips.

Turns out, there are way fancier ways of keeping your rows straight. They are super cute too! Here are my favourites that I found on Etsy:

First up is this little Mom and Baby racoon from littlefrogcreations.

For those who like their stitch markers a little more refined, there is a lovely cameo/Victorian style stitch marker:

This is by knotworkshop (shout out to a fellow etsyhooker!)

Next up are… FLYING PIGGIES! These are from dragonladydesigns.

And some lovely little ruby bursts from TheCrimsonMoon.

I especially like the way she shows them clipped to the front of the stitch instead of the top. It makes it possible to stitch right over the marker if you wanted, which is something I do frequently with my ghetto method.

In the end, I guess it’s all about what works best for you and what saves you the most time while crocheting. Now that I know there are more adorable things out there for keeping track of stitches, I’m beginning to think about upgrading my ghetto method…

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