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Blue Little Puppy

This little puppy is a great companion. He sits up on command and his big perky ears say, ‘baroo?’

I made this happy little guy a few weeks ago and posted the pdf pattern as a free download on Ravelry. If you would like to make this little guy, you can download the pattern right here, instantaneously!

Happy Crocheting!

5 thoughts on “Blue Little Puppy”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying out the pattern but the head seems to be oval-ish instead of the round-ish picture you have. I kept getting stuck at Row 5. Could you help me out? I’m not very sure of starting as well. What does it mean, working in the backside of original chain? I am used to using this “magic ring” when starting, so i’m not very familiar with other ways.

    Thanks! I really like this pattern!

  2. Wow, I just put one of these together for my friend’s new baby. I used a dark purple as my primary color, so my eyes really didn’t show up. I made some small white magic loops and placed my safety eyes right in the middle. Looks good, and I can’t wait to give it away!

  3. Hi, Emily! I love your patterns. I’ve been using your ideal crochet sphere patterns and your Perky Puppy pattern. I posted a picture of mine on by blog with a link to your pattern! Thanks so much!

  4. Hello Emily, I’m trying to Crochet your lovely Perky Puppy but I can’t understand about turning th I vs inside out to get a specific stitch, my outside stitch is the v stitch, therefore when you say sc into the back loop of a stitch do I sc into the font loop of the stitch? I think I am cachanded because when I used to knit with four needles it used to come out inside out!!

    1. Hi Patricia, It sounds like you’re already crocheting it the ‘right’ side out, which means, you wouldn’t need to turn it inside out before stuffing. You should still crochet in the back loop, since the ‘v’ side should still be facing you as you are crocheting. (I think?) You should wind up with an exposed loop on the ‘v’ side of your piece.
      Hope that helps!

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