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It’s-a-me, Mario!

Ever since I saw this project on Craftster, I have been wanting so bad to make one for myself.

I mean, how cool is a giant Mario rug made out of granny squares? Ans: too cool. Props to anenemyairship for making this and it being so awesome.

So, now the question to my hypothetical blanket making is: which 8-bit character do I do? Well, I came up with some ideas. Then I looked them up online and then I made a little table of how many colours/squares I would need. What follows is the only thing I accomplished yesterday morning:

So my top two contenders thus far are Mario, followed by 1up mushroom. The upside of Mario: I love him deeply. Plus, he is made up the fewest squares (143 if I forgo the background). Upside of 1up mushroom: he is so cute! Plus, who doesn’t want extra life? The downside of 1up mushroom: it would take 216 squares (not including the background) to make him.

Let’s say it takes me about 10 minutes to make a granny square. That’s 24 hours of granny square making for Mario and a whopping 36 hours for the 1up mushroom!

Obviously this is something that requires careful consideration.

I will think on it.

9 thoughts on “It’s-a-me, Mario!”

  1. nice image when you have made it in pixels. perfekt for minecraft when you wana do 8-bits Figures.

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