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Scarflette, Anyone?

What is a scarflette, anyway? When I asked google, even it wasn’t sure. (Being a made-up word doesn’t exactly help.)

So then I asked Etsy. Seems they aren’t totally sure either! People have categorized anything from a shawl to a crochet necklace to an actual scarf as ‘scarflette’.


Well, in my mind, a scarflette must be something like a scarf, hence the ‘scarf’ part, but it must be less substantial than a scarf, hence the ‘lette’ part. (You know, just like a capelette is like a mini-cape? Or an owlette is like a mini-owl… kind of.)

I figure, a scarflette has to be anything that keeps your neck warm but is less bulky than a traditional scarf. I love this idea because it means you can stay warm in the in-between-really-cold-and-hot weather, plus, there aren’t any dangly scarf ends that tend to fall into your food.

Here is a great example from fellow etsyhooker, heatbria:

Gorgeous! And here’s a lovely, dainty one from Tickled Pink Knits on Flickr.

And, finally, I would be amiss not to point out one of my faves from irregular expressions, which is featured in my freeform crochet post!


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