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MP Swap Part II

Last week I received the receiving end of my swap – and I love it!! Thanks aethelberga, you are the best!

First off, I got a beautiful wall hanging made of fabric. It’s from my most favouritest sketch of all – the Constitutional Peasant. In the background, it says, ‘Listen strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government’. Love it!

Constitutional Peasant Wall Hanging

Oh, and Boo liked it too.

Wall Hanging and Boo

Then came a lovely embroidered box with the air speed velocity of an unladed swallow:

Swallow Box

Inside the box was this completely usable and utterly fantastic tote from the University of Wooloomooloo:

University of Wooloomoloo Tote

And on the back? Nothing else but the sign up list for the Philosophy Department’s Drinking Team.

And finally – I think this is my favourite because I put it on as soon as I took it out of the Unladen Swallow box and kept it on for the entirety of the rest of the day – a Dead Parrot Necklace:

Dead Parrot Necklace

When my Mom asked what exactly I had around my neck, I simply said, ‘ The Norwegian Blue PREFERS keepin’ on his back!’

I had such a blast doing this swap! I highly recommend signing up for one at some point – I certainly will be doing one again next time I have a chunk of time free!


2 thoughts on “MP Swap Part II”

  1. This is sooo hilarious! I had to show this post to by boyfriend, who is a huge Python fan (I crocheted him a little Yorkshireman for Valentine’s Day one year).
    Anyway… (and I’m just passing on the comment) he says that the ‘Norwegian Blue prefers KIPIN’ on his back’… apparently ‘kip’ is a verb that in British English means ‘to rest or sleep’. (I checked dictionary.com to verify… it seems that he’s correct).
    Anyway, love your blog!

  2. Haha! Wow-you’re totally right. You know, when he says it in the sketch, it sounds like ‘kipin’, although I guess I always thought it was part of the accent!
    By the way, a crocheted Yorkshiremen sounds so amazing!

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