Amigurumi Elephant
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It’s a little elephant!

Amigurumi Elephant

I made this little pink pachyderm recently. It’s based off an elephant that I made for my brother a while ago. (He likes it). At the time, I didn’t write down the pattern – I just winged. (Sometimes when you just want to sit down and crochet, you couldn’t be bothered to write things down. You just need to wing things now and then, you know?)

This time, I actually wrote down what I did and I made some adjustments along the way. The pattern is up at my Etsy shop now, too.

I’m pleased with my little l’elephant!

2 thoughts on “L’Elephant!”

  1. Love this little thing! So very cute! And I understand about the need to just crochet sometimes. I have ideas I want to make patterns from but I usually just get going and don’t stop to write. Maybe someday I’ll make that happen… So glad you made a pattern for this!

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