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I Heart the Toy Society

I was browsing around on craftster the other day (I do this a lot) and I came across someone who had made an adorable little toy for the toy society and left it in a random public location to be picked up by a random person to subsequently make their day!

So I immediately checked out this toy society and it’s the coolest idea ever! You make a toy (preferably child friendly), and leave it in a plastic bag somewhere with a little card that says ‘Take me Home’ plus some information about the toy society. That way, when someone finds the toy, they can email the toy society to say where they found it and who is now the happy owner of the toy!

I love it! They even post adorable pictures of the ‘drops’ on their website – there are some really imaginative drop locations – and people do this all over the world!

Needless to say, I immediately had to sign up and I am totally doing this at some point!

World peace will be achieved through handmade toys!!!


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