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Lick-able Eyes

I have a new amigurumi fad that I am obsessed with. Not only am I using them on my amigurumis whenever I can – not only am I actually designing my amigurumi with particular ones in mind – but I am also looking them up on Etsy and ogling them. Strange? Yes. Justifiable? Oh, yes. What is this new obsession? Lick-ably adorable safety eyes.

Yum. This lovely assortment is from Suncatcher Craft Eyes who also sells them on Etsy.

These little hemispheres of jewely-goodness have posts mounted on the back with an attaching back snappy thing so that the eyes are secure on the amigurumi. They also seem so real since they look like they’re sort of sunk in to the head instead of sewn on top of it. (Nothing against sewing on black bead eyes, though. I find them wonderfully vintage looking!)

And just to put the level of cute waaaay over the edge, Suncatcher Craft Eyes demonstrates the dangerous combination of safety eyes and *gasp* eyelids.

Gah! Too cute.


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