Amigurumi Baby Jackalope
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Boundin’ (A Jackalope!)

I love Pixar movies and as an extra special bonus, they always pack in a little short at the beginning. These shorts are always so adorable and cute and expressive and sweet. (My personal fave is Geri’s Game!)

They all have the same sort of ‘formula’ (which is amazing) but one stands out as kind of different from the rest. Maybe it’s the voice over. Maybe it’s the rhyming narrative. Maybe it’s the step dancing sheep. Maybe it’s the length (it’s like a mini-movie before the movie). Regardless, it contains one thing that made this the coolest short EVER for my boyfriend: a Jackalope!

So, of course, I had to make one. I didn’t want to recreate the one from the short; I wanted to amigurumify the Jackalope idea. So, I made mine like a little baby (his antlers aren’t full grown yet – Aww.) Here he is:

Amigurumi Baby Jackalope

Amigurumi Baby Jackalope

His feet are nice and big too, because, since he is a Jackalope, he’s totally gonna be Boundin’.

The pattern is almost ready – just need to proof read a little more…

*Update – it’s done!

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