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Domo Arigato, Pierrot

I have a new thing lately. And, of course, it entirely involves crochet. What is it? It’s a pattern diagram(!), where each stitch is represented by a little symbol and the whole pattern is just a big picture of all the symbols put together. It may sound complicated, but it’s really quite intuitive and fun!

I first got introduced to them when I found a wealth (I’m not kidding) of these types of patterns for free on Ravelry. They’re all from a Japanese yarn company called Pierrot and you can browse the patterns here. They offer the patterns only in Japanese BUT the important instructions are all in diagram form. Yes, it may have involved a little help from Google translate to figure out exactly what was going on from time to time, but for the most part, these crochet diagrams are really understandable!
Pierrot offers some little videos (here) to help understand what the stitch symbols mean, or you can check out this link for a guide to what the stitches mean.

So far, I’ve been going through their adorable flower patterns like there’s no tomorrow. I may have subtly suggested that this was the case in my last post, when I was going on about my new kitschy tie-backs.

Another benefit of these patterns from Pierrot is that they make me feel smarter, because now I can make my way through a pattern written entirely in Japanese! Woot.


3 thoughts on “Domo Arigato, Pierrot”

  1. Wonderful suggestion! The charts are great… no translations needed 🙂
    And… the Japanese come up with the cutest designs!

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