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Facebook much?

Well, I certainly don't... But hopefully that will change soon, because I signed up for an account today! And I started a fan page, as well, for my amigurumi making and pattern selling addiction. I'm still learning the ropes (I have a ways to go), but it would be great if you could check it… Continue reading Facebook much?

Hyper-Emotional Blorb
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He’s *so* Happy

He is, isn't he? You'd think he'd get tired of smiling that big all the time, but, no. He doesn't. I sketched this little guy a while ago. I was going to name him 'Hyper-Emotional Blorb'. When my bf saw him, though, he said that it looked just like a Pacman ghost. And, you know,… Continue reading He’s *so* Happy

Crochet Cars
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This is a shout out to all you crochet vehicles! I don't know if you've heard, but I kind of have a thing for crocheted rockets... I'm also in the midst of typing up a pattern for a yellow submarine. So, I'm totally in the mood for some crocheted locomotion! Without further ado, here are some… Continue reading Trans-port-a-shun!