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Vroom Vroom

No, I haven’t gone on a crazy-crochet-vehicle kick lately (although it certainly looks like I have…) In fact, I made this little car for my cousin’s son (who I am ashamed to admit I have not yet met in his year and a half of existence) and who I will see tomorrow.

I hear he likes cars, so I thought, can’t go wrong with a car. 😉

Crochet Car

Crochet Car

And his name, if you haven’t guessed, is Raphael. Haha. That was a bad joke. But, I refer to him as Baby Leo. Possibly indefinitely (poor kid).

***Update: Baby Leo is possibly the cutest kid ever. Also, my intel on his love of cars couldn’t have been more right on! He played with toy cars the whole time – plus he couldn’t stop talking about them (even though ‘car’ is about the only word that came through!) Too cute.

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