Amigurumi Silly Cat
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A Silly Cat

Well, I suppose he isn’t that silly. It’s not like he’s prancing around with a tape recorder up his nose (or his brother’s nose for that matter).

The truth is, I can’t seem to think of a better name for this kitty that I made…

Amigurumi Silly Cat
I have to credit my brother entirely for the idea for the head. He was over at my place a little while ago and we were having a fun time drawing stuff and he decided to draw my cat, Boo, who was sprawled out as he usually is. Anyway, the resulting drawing had the cutest head ever – one continuous shape with half of it made up of big, pointy ears! I immediately knew I had to crochet it… it just took me a while to get around to it. And to decide how I should do the rest of the body.

So anyway, here he is. I quite like his big, mushy ears. He’s quite content lately to sit on my desk and offer moral support.

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