Boo in Box 3
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Boo is Magically Delicious

So, I will admit, this post has nothing to do with crochet. Or crafting at all actually. This is dedicated to my crazy cat, Boo.

The other day I finished off the box of Lucky Charms (I should probably mention that I am a total cereal addict, so I finish off entire boxes of cereal on a regular basis). So, I place the box on the kitchen floor to see if Boo will go in. As soon as I smooshed the opening so that it was big enough for him – he dove in like a shot! It was total Maru in my kitchen!!

I was completely thrilled because I love Maru deeply. Of course, Boo couldn’t come close to recreating the 90-degree leg splaysh that Maru is known for – but beggars can’t be choosers, frankly.

Here is Boo in all his Lucky Charms-box-attacking glory.

Boo in Box 1

Boo: “Arrrrrgh!”

Boo in Box 2

Boo: “And I get back inside, how exactly?”

Boo in Box 3

Boo: “Aha! I got back in AND found dramatic shadows…Arrrrrgh!”

Boo in Box 4

Boo: “I am so stealthy.”

Me: “You are a Goomba.”

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