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Facebook much?

Well, I certainly don’t… But hopefully that will change soon, because I signed up for an account today! And I started a fan page, as well, for my amigurumi making and pattern selling addiction.

I’m still learning the ropes (I have a ways to go), but it would be great if you could check it out. Just to say ‘hi’ or to let me know how to use this new fangled facebook fan page thingy. (And, yes, I am 83 years old.)

Oh, and here is a secret snippet of what I’ve been working on lately. (It’s not actually a secret, I just like being a tease.)

By the way, the yarn is called ‘Neopolitan’. It was so cute and on sale, I just couldn’t resist buying it!

Oh, and I couldn’t stop after I made just one of these little guys either. I usually don’t make two of the same thing so soon after I’ve made them up in the first place, but with this one, I just couldn’t resist! So, there is another one that is finished, and they currently sit, side by each, on my tv cabinet. I like to look at them. It’s way better than commercials.

4 thoughts on “Facebook much?”

  1. I love your site! Where do you get your patterns from? I just started working on some Amigurumis – but the one I am on now, just doesn’t seem to like me much. It was (is) supposed to be a tree frog, but I’m not seeing it yet!

    Nice ‘meeting’ you – and I’m going to go friend you on facebook! 🙂

    1. Thanks Tami! Glad you like my patterns!
      I hope your tree frog works out. When an ami goes haywire, you can always try to turn it into something completely different … like a mutant frog!!

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