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How to Crochet your Dragon

So, I just loved the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I loved it so much, I had to see it twice. As soon as I saw it, though, I thought two things: 1) Toothless the dragon looks and acts EXACTLY like my cat, Boo. E.x.a.c.t.l.y. 2) I must crochet a Toothless. I have actually… Continue reading How to Crochet your Dragon

Polar Bear arm
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A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm

Well, there's no snow storm ... and there's not a complete polar bear yet, but there will be soon! This is the project I've been working on lately. But it's been going reeeeeally slow because I've had a bunch of other things on the go. Now that I've got the body the way I want… Continue reading A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm

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Pacman Ghost Pattern!

Well, I finally wrote up the pattern to my hyper-emotional blorb which I now turned into a pacman ghost! Did you know that each pacman ghost had its own name? Crazy. Wikipedia told me that. Oh, and in case it's been a while since you've played Pacman, their colours are red, pink, blue and orange.… Continue reading Pacman Ghost Pattern!

Amigurumi Teddy Bears
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Crochet Bears Small and … Not So Small

Let's start with the small, shall we? Here is my newest pattern - Teddy Bears! This was what I was hinting at in my last post. These little guys are really fun to make - hence, the making two of them. The pattern to make a Teddy Bear is up at my shop now, if… Continue reading Crochet Bears Small and … Not So Small