Amigurumi Teddy Bears
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Crochet Bears Small and … Not So Small

Let’s start with the small, shall we? Here is my newest pattern – Teddy Bears! This was what I was hinting at in my last post.

Amigurumi Teddy Bears

These little guys are really fun to make – hence, the making two of them. The pattern to make a Teddy Bear is up at my shop now, if you’re interested. I chose the colours for these guys based on some ice cream flavours. The Pink Teddy is Neopolitan, and the Brown Teddy is chocolate mint! Yum.

Now onto the next cute little bear …. ZOMGITSAREALBEAR!

Phew – so, it’s not actually a real bear. It just looks exactly like one! AND it’s CROCHETED! Can you believe that? Seriously.

Shauna Richardson, who has a website that you need to definitely check out, crochets life sized, realistic animals using a method she calls Crochetdermy. (I love that.) She crochets ‘pelts’ for her animals (and even includes contouring for the muscles) and then drapes them over styrofoam and wire shapes. Wild!

Her newest project is for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, and you can read all about it here. I would devote some time for exploring this one – it’s crazyamazing.


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