Totoro Painting Close
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My Painting Totoro

I’ve been smitten with Totoro lately. I’ve been singing the ‘Totoro’ song frequently and loudly. I’ve also put ‘Crochet a Totoro’ on my mental list of things to do (I even bought the yarn for it the other day – on sale, of course!) But before I could tackle a crocheted Totoro, I had to create another Totoro-related crafty item: a painting!

Totoro Painting

This is the first thing I’ve painted in perhaps over a year! And I’m so happy! I just have to decide where to put it… I want it to be SEEN.

Here’s a close up:

Totoro Painting Close

I can admit now: I’ve completely reverted to childhood.

3 thoughts on “My Painting Totoro”

  1. Aww, I love Totoro! And I love your blog! I just came across it via Free Amigurumi Patterns. I would love to link to some of you patterns if you didn’t mind. They’re so much fun!

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