Polar Bear arm
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A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm

Well, there’s no snow storm … and there’s not a complete polar bear yet, but there will be soon!

Polar Bear body

This is the project I’ve been working on lately. But it’s been going reeeeeally slow because I’ve had a bunch of other things on the go. Now that I’ve got the body the way I want it, however, it won’t take that long to get the other pieces in place. Here’s his (future) arm:

Polar Bear arm

In other news, I finally decided what to do for my brother for his (quickly approaching) birthday. (Whenever I ask him what he wants, he usually just says ‘a surprise’.) I’m making him a painting. It’s an Andy Warhol style painting of my brother in 9 different squares, but in each square is a picture of my brother with a different expression. I hope he likes this… people like looking at themselves, right?

The shadows and highlights are the shapes that define each face. I wanted to make sure I got these just right, so I spent some serious time messing around with images of him on my photo-messing-around-with program. Once I turned his pictures into some highlights and shadows, I printed them out, cut out some important features and used them as stencils. Then I filled in the rest of the shadows free hand. Phew. This process is taking a long time. But it’s starting to look how I want it. Here’s the ‘surprised’ expression:

Face Painting

I sure hope he likes this once I’m done!!

2 thoughts on “A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm”

  1. Is there anything you can’t do? You certainly are talented.

    Are you going to be posting pics of the completed painting? And how long til his birthday?

    Good luck!

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