Granny Stripe 3
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Rainbow Jewel Blanky

Phew, have I been busy lately! My days are taken up by work (for a change) and my evenings have been filling up too!  However, I've recently started a new project that I like to pull out when I want to decompress... here's how far I've gotten: It's a granny stripe blanket!! Or, it will… Continue reading Rainbow Jewel Blanky

My Painting
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The Painting is DONE!!!

My painting, which has been in the works for so long, is finally fiiiiniiished!! I presented to it my brother this weekend and he LOVED it! I am so beyond happy. As soon as he 'unwrapped' it (it was wrapped in my super soft housecoat because I didn't want the paint surface to stick to… Continue reading The Painting is DONE!!!

Polar Bear Amigurumi
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Pile-Up of Updates!

Phew, I feel like I had a whirlwind week! But it was very enjoyable. I had a nice visit from my Mom and brother. Brother slept over a couple of nights so we had some nice, relaxing, just-the-brother-and-the-sister time. Me and Mom went to see Miss Saigon. (It was sooo good. Especially since I have… Continue reading Pile-Up of Updates!