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Pile-Up of Updates!

Phew, I feel like I had a whirlwind week! But it was very enjoyable. I had a nice visit from my Mom and brother. Brother slept over a couple of nights so we had some nice, relaxing, just-the-brother-and-the-sister time. Me and Mom went to see Miss Saigon. (It was sooo good. Especially since I have a deep love for both musicals AND helicopters… and muscular men prancing around with no shirts on.) Then, bf and I went to his parents cottage this weekend for some nice lazing about. I bulldozed through a novel in a day, which is something I haven’t done in ages. Oh yeah, and I finally, after seven – that’s right SEVEN – months of unemployment, finally got a job offer. 😀

Well, all this fun has left me little time for my craftiness. I have, however, finished my Polar Bear (see below). I haven’t even started typing up the pattern yet, but that’s my plan.

Polar Bear Amigurumi

I also whipped up a little Space Monkey while my brother was over. He just sort of materialized in my hands while they were crocheting – and I like him! I’m really thinking of making him some similar-looking friends!

Space Monkey Amigurumi

Oh, and I have also been devoting some serious hours to the painting that I’m making for my brother’s birthday. I bit off a huuuge hunk of work for this one, but I think it will look great in the end. Here’s my progress:

Brother Painting Update

Close up:

Brother Painting Zoom

4 thoughts on “Pile-Up of Updates!”

  1. Wow! what a great post! congratulations on the job offer, thats fantastic!
    And your polar bear is so cute!
    I have subscribed via e-mail now, so I can enjoy all your little cuties as they materialise onto your blog!

  2. Thanks so much, you guys!! I have a plan to share how I made the painting once I’m done (it’s a lot more colour by numbers than you might think)! Maybe I should start subscribing to your blogs too – I spend lots of time checking to see if I’ve missed any new posts.

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