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The Painting is DONE!!!

My painting, which has been in the works for so long, is finally fiiiiniiished!! I presented to it my brother this weekend and he LOVED it! I am so beyond happy. As soon as he ‘unwrapped’ it (it was wrapped in my super soft housecoat because I didn’t want the paint surface to stick to anything) he was really excited, and looked very closely at every single face on the painting.

I thought my parents would put the painting in my brother’s room (seeing as I made it massively brightly coloured), but they decided to stick it right above the mantle on the fireplace! Awww.

Here are some gratuitous photos that I took in my Mom’s lovely kitchen.

My Painting

He said his favourite squares were the ‘happy’ faces.

Happy Faces

More Happy Faces

Salute Face Painting

And finally, the action shot of my brother posing with his painting:

Brother with Painting

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