Granny Stripe 3
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Rainbow Jewel Blanky

Phew, have I been busy lately! My days are taken up by work (for a change) and my evenings have been filling up too!  However, I’ve recently started a new project that I like to pull out when I want to decompress… here’s how far I’ve gotten:

Granny Stripe 1

It’s a granny stripe blanket!!

Granny Stripe 2

Or, it will be once I’m done. I told my Mom a while ago that I would like to crochet her a blanket and asked her to start thinking of what kind of pattern/colour scheme she would like. (Mom is super coordinated, so I was anticipating some blanket that would match the room she would put it in.) When I went up to visit her, I ended up showing her some of my favourite crafty blogs – and to my surprise and delight – she fell in love with the beautiful rainbow granny stripe from Attic24!

Jackpot! It’s super fun to crochet in a million colours at once – especially for those of us with short attention spans… Squirrel!

So, off we went to Michael’s, where we picked out the colours she wanted (they ended up being lovely jewel tones seeing as the store had a limited – read: non-existent – selection of super bright colours).

Granny Stripe 3

Well, I’m very excited about it. The colours look so beautiful together and, as I’m crocheting, I really like thinking about which one will go next. Also, I can’t tell you how nice it is to sit down after a long-ish day and crochet in front of the tube.

Oh, and Boo wanted to horn in on my pickies… but refused to stay still so that I could take a non-blurry shot.

Granny Stripe and Boo

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