Granny Stripe Close Up
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Some New Projects

I’ve had a really nice week of not doing much. Now that my play is over, it’s been so nice to have my evenings back. I got to catch up on my reading of crafty blogs, watch some tv shows (Glee started up again this week!), generally loaf around and work on some crochet projects!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I decided to use Foxs Lane‘s pattern for ric-rac to make a cool lanyard for work. I made it out of this nice sunny yellow that I’d been eyeing for a while, which I finally bought after it went on sale. Really, that’s the way my life works.

Crochet Lanyard

I’m thinking of making a giant flower to stitch on the bottom. I’m also tempted to make several variations of lanyard. Just so that I can be ‘that crazy crochet person’ at work. As if all the amigurumis at my desk wasn’t enough…

The other thing I’ve been working a lot on this past week is my granny stripe blanket! I really love this one. It’s so jewel-ly. It’s also really nice and repetitive to work on while tv watching. It’s getting to be big enough now that it keeps me kind of snuggly warm while I work on it.

Granny Stripe Close Up

I’ve got so many ideas for projects that I want to make … the hardest part right now is deciding which one I want to do first!


1 thought on “Some New Projects”

  1. Hooray! I love the idea of using the ric rc for your lanyard. I think the best part of doing the tutorial has been seeing all the different ways people have been using the ric rac in their crafts.
    have a great Thursday.

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