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Big Green Craft Project

I would like to introduce you to my next big craft project …

My Kitchen Table

This is my kitchen table. Things to notice about this picture: 1) All of the stuff on the table that I failed to remove before taking this picture (oops) 2) The small label on the back of the nearest chair, which says, ‘chair’ and 3) the table is hunter green in colour. This last point is the important one. My upcoming project is to paint the table!

A little background on the table. My parents bought this table when I was just a baby. My dad originally stained it an orange colour and then painted it hunter green a few years later. When I moved into an apartment a few years ago and needed a table, my parents said, “Here, have our table and we’ll have an excuse to get new one!” The only thing was, they couldn’t decide on a new table for something like 6 months! In that time, the they all ate dinner – every night – on an old, white, plastic, outdoor patio set! (They looove telling people this story, because they blame me).

Aaaaanywho, the table has been green for 23 years and needs to be another colour right away. Unfortunately, I’ve inherited my parents indecisiveness (see paragraph above) and so am having trouble deciding on a colour. I’m torn between white, white with colourful legs (a la About Mo and Me) or some obnoxiously bright colour.

I played around with the pictures of my table on an online photo editor and came up with this:

Blue Kitchen Table

Yellow Kitchen Table

White Kitchen Table

(The white was really hard to get to look right.) Anyway, I think I’m going with the white. I’m still up in the air about the embellished legs – I think it might be really fun…

1 thought on “Big Green Craft Project”

  1. Go multicolours! then make some cool colourful granny square flat cushions for the seats! what a totoally cool table set! I’m a bit jealous….
    I love how your parents blame you for them eating off their laps, families are so funny ha ha

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