Granny Circle and shrubs
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There’s No Place Like Home

Ahhhhhhhh. That’s the sound of every part of me relaxing as I drive into my parent’s neighbourhood.

I’m home for Thanksgiving and I’ve brought along Boo and the boyfriend … and some crocheting too. We brought Boo with us because he’s the one that needs to be supervised the closest. He’s already managed to play with a drain in the basement and splatter dirty water in a 6 foot radius all around it. Oops.

Today Mom is cooking up a turkey and I can’t tell you how amazing it smells! I’m typing in the kitchen now because it smells soooo good.

On to the craftiness!

Last weekend we went off to the boyfriend’s parents’ cottage and I decided that I would make some crochet mats to put on our end tables. I am so in love with the Granny Circles that Alice did over on Crochet With Raymond that I just had to try my own. (Every time I see them on her wonderful blog, it just makes my eyes happy.) I read through the pattern a few times before I headed out, and thought, ‘Oh, I don’t need to write this down – my mind is like a vault!’ Needless to say, I forgot the pattern by the time I got to the cottage, so I had to bastardize her version a little bit.

SQUIRREL! No, seriously – there was the tiniest squirrel that just ran across my parent’s yard. Awwww. Oh, Nature, you are so very distracting.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, Granny Circles! So here is my version, not as lovely as Alice’s but I’m still excited to put them on my end tables.

My Granny Circle

And here is a shot of it with some nice shrubberies in the background.

Granny Circle and shrubs

The other bit of craftiness for the weekend has to do with this year’s Halloween costume. I’ve decided to go as Princess Leia (NOT the gold bikini – the New Hope version), so Mom and I have been working on the dress. We got some white flowy fabric and found a neat little pattern here. We cut it out last night and today we’ll sew it up. I’ll take some pics and post my progress a little later. Today the boyfriend and I are going to Value Village to look for a costume for him – he, of course, will be Han Solo.

Take care, all! Here is a last little shot that my not-very-good camera managed to squeeze out of the nice greeny-yellow leaves on the birch trees.

Birch Trees


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