Crochet Space Shuttle
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Crafts in Space

I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that I’m a huge space nerd. Also not surprising: the fact that my nerdery overflows into my craftiness obsession. What was a surprise? When Alan Boyle – the science editor from –  contacted me on Etsy to ask if he could use an image of my Shuttle for a post he’s doing about an Etsy-NASA contest!

An Etsy-NASA contest?!? How was I not aware of this??

It’s true that I have been neglecting my Etsy store since I started my job, (consequently, my pattern sales have slooowed right down), but I can’t believe that a NASA themed contest got past me! Turns out the winner of this contest gets to go to Florida in February to see the Shuttle launch. (AHHHHHHH!) And the winning item “might” even go into space on the shuttle. (That means: if it’s light enough. Because rocket fuel aint cheap.)

Crochet Space Shuttle

The only thing that makes me sad about this contest: it’s only open to American residents. *Sad face.*

But Alan Boyle wrote about it on his Cosmic Blog (and featured my shuttle!), and you can check out the post here. (I looove the galaxy quilt he talks about as well!)

Well that’s all for now. Live Long and Prosper. *Spok hands*.


12 thoughts on “Crafts in Space”

  1. I am the midst of making this project…and i have questions….
    It seems that my stitches are correct on the outside but would look incorrect if i turned the tube inside out.
    Any insight? I think it has to do with crocheting in the back loop.

    1. I am making this project as well. May questions about the wing section. Any insight? Pattern just does not seem right.

  2. Sorry it’s only open to US residents. I have met a number of Canadians and others that are just as interested in NASA as anyone!
    PS Nifty little crochet shuttle!!!

  3. Incredible! Your work really soars! I came to your site because I found your perfect spheres on Ravelry. Love your blog. Can’t wait to see what you do next! (I think the squirrel is adorable.)

  4. Please can anyone let me have the pattern for the Shuttle as I live in South Africa and would love to make this for my Grand son Many thanks Sue.

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