Princess Leia Belt
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Halloween is coming…

I’m so excited about Halloween! All week me and Mark have been perfecting our costumes. (He’s Han Solo and I’m Princess Leia.) You may recall from a few posts ago that my wonderful, darling Momsy made my Leia dress for me when I went home for Thanksgiving. It looks amazing! I don’t have a photo of it finished yet, but you can bet I’ll post one after I get a bunch of photos of me in the completed ensemble.

The craft glue just finished drying on my Leia belt – so – photo time!

Princess Leia Belt

I am SO PLEASED with my belt. Mark and I hit up the upholstery section of Fabricland this weekend and walked away with some pieces of phony-leather for a steal! I taped some pieces of paper together, wrapped it around my waist and traced out the exact shape I wanted it to be. That was my pattern. The rest was just cutting out and gluing together.

Here’s a slightly-out-of-focus shot of it stretched out so that you can see the back velcro. (That’s right – no sewing for me!)

Princess Leia Belt 2

Here is the dress during its initial cutting-out stage. We found the pattern description and loads of Leia photos at the Padawan’s Guide. (Aside: I heart this site.) We’re using this site heavily while figuring out Han Solo, too.

Princess Leia Dress

The dress itself only has seams under the arms and down the sides. There aren’t any shoulder seams because the fabric is folded over at the shoulders. This meant that there was some strategic folding before we cut stuff out. It reminded me a bit of cutting out those paper dolls – you know the ones that are all joining hands and such? Mom and I made some wise cracks along those lines.

And finally, here is my ongoing afghan. I’m still loving the colours and the growing warmth of it. Oh, and Max there is my bear.

Afghan with Max

Boo seems to like it too. Then again, he also just likes to be in the way. He held still long enough for this photo only because he seemed to be distracted by something.

Afghan with Boo



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