African Flowers
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This Is Halloween!!

This is the song I sang as soon as I woke up today:

“This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Halloween, Halloween. Halloween, Halloween!”

That’s from the “Nightmare Before Christmas” movie. And yes, I have the soundtrack. And yes, I am blaring it tonight when children show up at our door Trick-or-Treating.

I’m so excited! We’ve never been in a house before for Halloween, so we’ve never given out candy! I hope we still have enough because we’ve been eating away at the stuff we bought last week…

In honour of Halloween, the cats decided to be well behaved yesterday, and slept on my lap – in peace – at. the. same. time. Impossible!

Boo and Odis Spooning

(I especially love that Boo is sort of spooning with Odis with his leg on her! I endorse spooning.)

On an unrelated-to-Halloween note, I’m going to recover a worn out pillow on our couch. It’s the purple one in the picture below. (Unfortunately, the plaid one is unrecoverable since there’s nothing under it but stuffing.)


I’ve decided to use the African Flowers crochet pattern over on Flickr. I was put onto it by Alice from Crochet with Raymond, and after a peek at everyone’s work on the African Flowers Flickr pool, I’ve been inspired by Ruthiejoy‘s rainbow pillow! I’m going to do something similar, but with white borders on all of my flowers. Here was my progress yesterday at a sunny point in the afternoon, which was conducive to photo-taking.

African Flowers

I’ve done a bunch more since then. Yesterday, Mark and I watched Empire Strikes Back (an excellent movie to crochet in front of) in honour of our Star Wars themed costumes. We’ve also decided to do a Star Wars themed pumpkin. I’m thinking: Death Star!

Have a fun Halloween!



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