Death Star Pumpkin


I’m back! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted. I’ve been depriving myself of blogging fun. Boo to that.

Where have I been? Well, I started this month out by getting sick for a while, then I was exhausted for a longer while. That was followed by a prolonged stint of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now I’m feeling better and I’ve just been lazy and not posted.

But now I want to share my Halloween pictures. It was so long ago, so we’ll have to stretch our minds back approximately one month… First, on to our pumpkin:

Death Star Pumpkin

That’s no moon …. It’s a Death Star Pumpkin!!

I found a fantastic on-line tutorial, here, that takes you through a really great step by step process. I looved making this pumpkin! We heard some fun comments as people walked by our door. But the weird thing was, very few people came trick-or-treating! We were all ready, too – we had lots of candy and we were dressed like Princess Leia and Han Solo:

Mark as Han Solo

Me as Leia

Our costumes were home-made goodness! We even wore them to work the day before Halloween. (We were each one of just a few who dressed up!)

Mark sewed his holster himself out of some fake leather we bought at Fabric Land. His blaster is actually a nerf gun that shoots foam darts … he had a lot of fun with that. I’m pretty sure if I look closely, there are still a bunch of little circle marks on the walls from those nerf darts. My wonderful mom sewed my Leia dress for me. I made the belt and got some fake ponytails to add to my hair. Nobody guessed that my hair was fake because it was so close to my actual hair colour! (I completely lucked out on that one).

Speaking of my mummy, her birthday is coming up in a week and so this weekend I’ve gone down to visit her. Yesterday, I gave her the granny stripe blanket that I’ve been working on for a while … and it looks so good in all of her rooms!! I’m so happy. I’ll take photos of it today and post finished pictures of it soon.

Coffee time!


4 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. I love the theme you picked for Halloween! You guys looked awesome and so did your pumpkin. I wanted to be Princess Leia when I was a little girl. I always asked for my mom to fix my hair like that, but she wasn’t ‘in to’ the Star Wars scene. Oh well, maybe some day!

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