Blanket close up
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Finished Blanky!

It’s done!!

Blanket close up

My granny-stripe blanky is all finished (yay!) and was presented to my mom last weekend. And she absolutely loved it! (Double Yay!) I’m really happy with the way it looks too. It was so much fun to make. I think I like this method a lot better than making granny squares – probably because I hate darning in ends. Blech.

I realized, once I was at my parents’ house, that I hadn’t taken any pictures of the finished blanket. So, I set it up in the family room and snapped some hasty shots.

Blanky on couch

Then Boo decided he wanted in on the action.

Boo on blanky

Yes, Boo came with us to mom and dad’s. He’s too naughty to be left alone at home by himself. He ended up sleeping in the bedroom with me and Mark. And when I say, ‘sleeping’, I really mean, ‘actively snorgling my face all night’. I kept waking up throughout the night every time he changed position or meowed or blocked my airway. What a cat.

Back at home, I was in a Christmassy mood, so I put some decorations up. I only had time to string the lights on our tree. Maybe I’ll start putting up some ornaments tonight…

Christmas decorations

Also, Odis must have missed us when we were away last weekend, because she has been sooo happy this week. Like ecstatic, rolling-on-the-carpet-for-no-reason happy. She also found a new spot she seems to like:

Odis on cupboard

Can you spot the cat?

Funny story: The tenants who lived here before us had some sort of a soup related fire/explosion in the kitchen, which left a layer of black dust on the tops of the cabinets. (I’m still not sure how someone can manage to explode soup, but whatevs.) Anyway, the result of all that dust is that we know whenever the cats have been on the tops of the cabinets because they leave comically perfect black paw prints down the vertical surfaces of the cupboards. That’s how I could tell that Odis has been up and down there a lot lately. 😉

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