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A Sweater for Sugarbear

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked me to make his teddy bear (aka Sugarbear) a Christmas sweater. He was able to find a cute little Halloween sweater for Sugarbear at the Dollar Store (of all places) but Sugarbear wanted a festive one too. I was a tad nervous, since I’ve never made a sweater before – also, when I think ‘sweater’, I usually think ‘knit’ and not so much ‘crochet’.

So, I had a look around on Ravelry for the perfect pattern. Turns out there are loads of really adorable and amazing sweaters done in crochet!  And I found the perfect pattern: an adorable striped baby sweater by Kim Guzman. It was a very clear and easy to follow pattern. And it was free. Sweet.

Sugarbear Sweater

The actual pattern is supposed to have sleeves, but I opted for the sweater vest look. Once I had this much of it sewn together, I thought it looked supercute without sleeves. Also, my stitches were kind of tight, and so I was worried that the sleeves would make Sugarbear’s arms stick straight out like a child who is overstuffed in a snowsuit.

Plus it’s very ‘Wallace’ (of Wallace and Gromit).

Sugarbear Sweater 2

I only had Sugarbear for a couple of fittings, and I totally forgot to take a picture of him while he was here.

Oh, and I found these adorable snowflake buttons (on sale) at Fabricland. I think they are so sweet! They’re a little tricky to undo, on account of the spiky bits, but I still think they’re cool.

Sugarbear Sweater Button

And, by the way, there is only ONE WEEK until Christmas!! I’m so excited. Three more days of work … a bit of wrapping …  and I’m home! I managed to finally get all the decorations up on my Christmas tree – despite being bed-ridden sick for four days last week. (My immune system needs a serious talking to.) Here’s a blurry morning shot of my tree, plus Boo silhouetted in the background.

Christmas Tree

Happy almost-Christmas holidays!

2 thoughts on “A Sweater for Sugarbear”

  1. Just a thought… you said about the buttons being awkward to undo… why not stitch them on one side as decoration but use press studs (snap fasteners if you are American) to fasten instead, then you don’t need to worry about snagging the yarn with the ‘spikey bits’… just a thought.

    Very cute sweater by the way!

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