Christmas Bells
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Merry Christmas!

Yay!! It’s Christmas time!! I hope everyone has had a wonderfully peaceful and happy Christmas.

I’m home with the fam and I’m having a really lovely Christmas. I packed up everything (including 2 cats in the back seat) and headed home on the 23rd. The traffic was non-existent, so it was a rather non-eventful three hour drive with only minimal complaining from the cats in the backseat. Once I got home – with a cat carrier in each hand – I was greeted at the door with lots of hugs and a rum and eggnog. Nice. Very nice.

Side note: Here’s my favourite ornament of all time.

Frosty Friends 1987

It’s part of a collection called ‘Frosty Friends’. I get the newest addition every year – this one is from 1987. (The little seal is giving him a pressie. Awwww.)

I, of course, brought my crochet bag with me. Mark gave me a really cool crochet book for Christmas (which he’d heard me talk about from other crochet blogs!) and I’ve already delved into it.

Crochet Book and Yarn

I decorated my brother’s gift with the flower in the picture above, thinking that he’d probably just treat it as any other gift-wrap decoration, but he really thought is was cool! He even let me tie it on his head for a while – cutest thing ever.

Boo has been behaving rather crazily – as per usual. He already broke a cookie plate … full of cookies. Oops. But he’s cute, so I’ll forgive him.

Boo on chair

If you’ve noticed that my pictures look a little nicer than usual, it’s because Santa got me a new camera for Christmas!! I’m so excited. I’ve been snapping away like wild! Daisy (mom and dad’s doggy) is good to photograph because she doesn’t move around so much … and she’s not black.


Santa (who spoiled me this year) also got me something to further my crafting habit: a sewing machine! I don’t know how to use it yet (at all) so I’m going to raid my mom’s fabric stash and try to make an easy tote. We’ll see how that one goes.

In the mean time, have a faaabulously relaxing holiday!

Christmas Bells

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