Odis Sunday morning 2
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Sunday Morning

Remember Sunday morning? Wasn’t it nice?

Odis Sunday morning

And doesn’t it seem like sooo long ago, now that we are half way through the week?

Odis Sunday morning 2

Odis looked so peaceful lying on my bed last Sunday that I gave her a bit of a glamour photo shoot. She even had one paw stretched daintily in a happy little sun beam.

By the way, the bedspread is new. It used to be brown (and ugly). I’m really liking the white, even though the practicality of having a white bedspread with two black cats lying on it all the time is fairly low. It didn’t come with any pillow covers, though, which means only one thing: I must sew them! And they must be insanely happy and colourful!

My quest for bright and cheery fabrics has led me to just recently discover Amy Butler. And I am smitten. Completely. For the past week I have constantly had tabs open on my web browser with various examples of her fabrics – the ones I am the most taken with at the moment. (It changes moment to moment because I am in love with all of her fabrics.)

I finished up a couple of projects the other day, but I haven’t photographed them yet because – and I’m not even exaggerating – I never see the sun on weekdays. I leave the house at 7 and get home at 5.30. Ugh. So, I will have to wait until the weekend to take pickies of my crafty stuff.

Here is one more gratuitous kitty shot – this one of Boo. (He’s thinking of jumping on the counter in this photo.)

Boo in kitchen

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