Flower Cascade on Granny Stripe
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Stripey and Flowery Pillow

Recently, I’ve kind of been into brightly coloured things in a big way. And it seems to be manifesting itself as an obsession to create bright pillows. It started with the African Flowers pillow that I finished a few weeks ago. It took me an enormous amount of time to finish, considering that it’s just pillow-sized, but since it’s been adorning our couch, Mark and I have enjoyed it sooo much. It’s like eye candy.

So, I grabbed one our many ugly pillows, snuck a peek at my yarn stash and decided to make another crocheted pillow cover! This time I used the Granny Stripe Pattern from Attic24, which I used a while back to make my Mom’s blanky. This time the pillow worked up in no time at all! (Gotta love granny stripes, I say).

African Flower and Granny Stripe Pillows

I tried to use a liberal amount of white stripes so that the pillow would tie nicely into our new white bedspread. Well, after I was done with the stripes, I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice to add a nice little white flower too?

The answer, of course, was Yes.

1 White Flower on Granny Stripe

But it didn’t stop there….

2 White Flowers on Granny Stripe

I loved the flowers so much that I kept making more. I started making smaller ones to balance out the big ones. Then I made even smaller ones to balance the medium sized ones. Needless to say, I was having a grand old time. Mark, however, was getting sort of nervous. He liked the stripe-iness of the pillow and felt that I was going to sew a flower to every square inch of it. If he hadn’t have said something, I probably would have.

‘Um, how many flowers are we sewing onto this pillow?’ He tentatively asked. ‘Oh yes,’ Said I, ‘I should probably stop soon.’

So I did.

Flower Cascade on Granny Stripe

And I think at stopped at just the right time! I crocheted enough of the little guys to create a cascade of flowers down the pillow. If you are interested in the flower patterns, the big ones can be found here, and the smaller ones are from my Japanese Crochet Book.

Flower Granny Stripe Pillow

This pillow makes me so happy!

I. Must. Make. More. 😀

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