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A Spring-y Purse

Well, it seems like everyone is feeling rather delightfully spring-ish in crafty blogland, lately. And that makes me so excited! I can’t wait until spring! No more winter coats, no more slushy boots at the front door or in the car, finally some more sun in the morning/evening and – last but not least – I can wear my new spring-y purse that I made!

To be honest, I actually made this a while ago. Then, it took me even longer to get around to hand sewing the crochet embellishment on (because I fear pointy needles). Then it took me longer to blog about it. But here it is – in all it’s flowery glory:

Spring-y Purse

I based it on a tutorial that I found from Melissa at tiny happy. It’s a really great tutorial with lots of pictures, which, for me, were exceedingly helpful. I loved the pattern because it was a nice and slouchy design. Also, the handles are attached to the main bag – so there’s less sewing! I added the crochet closure because, well, I’m a sucker for crochet stuff.

Close up of purse

My Mom gave me a bag of mismatched buttons for Christmas, so I used one of those for the purse. You know, it takes a special kind of person to get overwhelmingly excited over a zip lock bag of plastic, odds-and-ends buttons. And those people are crafters…and I’m one of them.

Oh, and for this photo shoot, I used Mark’s wall hook in the kitchen to hang the purse from. I got it for him a few years ago – he’s into ninja stuff.

Ninja star wall hook

Cool, right? I sort of love it. He hangs his apron on it.

So, the purse has been hanging on the back of one of our dining room chairs ever since I finished it and I just love looking at it. I cannot wait until it warms up enough to justify wearing a flower purse out of doors!

I think my next post will involve my craft obsession of the past week. Today I finally took photos of them. The obsession: penguins. Yes. Penguins…

1 thought on “A Spring-y Purse”

  1. Love the bag, especially your choice of fabric! Absolutely perfect for spring.

    I’m also one of those people who can get excited about a zip-lock bag full of random buttons, or ribbon, or fabric scraps, it is so nice to connect with other like-minded people (AKA crafters!) via the web!

    Thanks for sharing.

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