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A Very Special Pikachu

Last weekend I had a really nice time visiting my family. We hung out, watched some West Wing (I am proudly responsible for getting them hooked on this show), and made some sushi. The highlight for me, though, was a delightful gift that I received from a young and talented crafter that my Mom knows.

A couple of weeks ago, Mom was very excited to tell me about a crafter she met at school who was really into making little cute creatures (ahem, I can so relate). Mom decided to bring in some felt from her stash – and this girl went to town. Mom was so impressed with these cute little critters, she had to tell me all about them. She also told this young crafter all about my little crafty obsession…

So, when I came down to visit last weekend, I brought an amigurumi with me to give to this fellow crafter. Little did I know that I was in for a treat as well!


Here is what this sweet crafter made for me: it’s Pikachu!! Isn’t he adorable? I was so thrilled when Mom came home with this little guy that I squealed. (I squeal sometimes…)

Oh, and did I mention that this girl is in grade 5?? She’s making these adorable little guys and she’s in grade 5!

Here’s one of my favourite parts about this Pikachu (besides the overwhelming adorableness):

Pikachu stitches

The perfect, tiny, little stitches. I just love them! As someone who is slightly frightened of pointy needles, I have great respect for this. Without trying to imply that I am some sort of Jedi (although, I do have a Jedi cape upstairs), I will say this: “The Force is strong with this one”.

So, if you’re reading this, Thank you soooo much for Pikachu! I love him to bits. He’s living happily in my family room. (He’s already made a bunch of amigurumi friends!)

Good luck with all your crafting endeavours! May the (crafting) Force be with you!


3 thoughts on “A Very Special Pikachu”

  1. Aww, he’s quite darling! And I agree, the tail stitches are sweet. Hooray for young crafters! And hooray for your mom for encouraging such talent 🙂

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