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I love penguins. They’re cute (for starters), they walk all silly on land AND they have ridiculously low drag in water. My fluid dynamics professor once said, ‘If you want to lower the drag on a football, just throw it into the ocean and wait a million years until it evolves into a penguin’. Love eet.

I went on a little bit of an amigurumi bender a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t made any amigurumis in a while, and suddenly, in the middle of the day, I had an overwhelming craving to make them! (I realize this is somewhat strange, but that’s sort of how I roll.)

When I got home, I knew exactly what I needed to make – a cute little pudgy penguin. So I did. Then I made two more. Then I gave one away, because three penguins would make Mark concerned for my well being. I think my favourite is the pink one.


When Mark and I look at them, we often make involuntary Pingu noises. Do you know Pingu? He was a part of Mark and my childhood TVO experience. Here’s a clip of the little claymation guy here. Pingu probably contributed to my love of penguins.


So, my plan is to make a pdf pattern for the penguins and post it here for free. I’m not quite done yet – it’s all typed up but needs some major proofreading before I give it to anyone.

I’m totally loving the shape of these little penguins. They’re so globular and squishy. I’m thinking of using the body shape to make a little easter chick. I think the next time I get an overwhelming amigurumi craving that’s what I’ll make.

Have a fantastic weekend!

1 thought on “Penguins!!”

  1. Those are super cute! Reading your description I could just imagine them waddling around. Great detail, too! I’m excited that you’ll share the pattern. I’m sure they are fun to make.

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