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A Giant Sphere

A little while ago, I got a comment on my Ideal Crochet Sphere post, requesting a pattern for a giant crochet sphere. Too cool! It's taken me a while to get around to calculating the number of rows required (especially since I had to extrapolate the size based on smaller spheres that I've made), but… Continue reading A Giant Sphere

Totoro 2
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WIP: A Big Totoro

I suppose this Totoro isn't that big, but, compared to what I usually crochet, he's huuge! I'm really liking his size. It's so much bigger than what I'm used to. He's got some serious 'heft'. I'm working from a sketch that I made from some screen captures from the movie. I tried to get the… Continue reading WIP: A Big Totoro

Easter Chick 2
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A Chick/Penguin Mashup

I really love the food network. There's something wonderful about watching other people (who are not me) cook yummy food that just does it for me. One of the things they sometimes do on the food network - after they've already made one recipe - is to use similar ingredients to make another totally different… Continue reading A Chick/Penguin Mashup