Easter Chick 2
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A Chick/Penguin Mashup

I really love the food network. There’s something wonderful about watching other people (who are not me) cook yummy food that just does it for me. One of the things they sometimes do on the food network – after they’ve already made one recipe – is to use similar ingredients to make another totally different recipe. They usually call it a ‘mashup’.

I want to do a mashup too! But not involving food, or else something might burn down. So, my mashup will involve my Penguin Pattern that I posted a little while ago.

Easter is coming so … using my penguin pattern and tweaking a few things … I made an Easter Chick!!

Easter Chick 1

I just love the little blorby shape of the penguins! It got me to thinking, this would make a really good body for other birdy creatures. And why not an Easter chick, since Easter is just a few weeks away?

So, here’s how I did it:

Using the Penguin Pattern, make the penguin body in the colour you would like the chick to be (let’s call it, the Chick Colour).

Before you begin stuffing the body, secure safety eyes between Rows 8-9, about 4-5 stitches apart. (If you are using beads for eyes, you can sew those on at the end.)

Make the penguin wings in Chick Colour.

Make the penguin feet in Beak Colour.

The chick beak is a in different style than the penguin beak. Here is how to make the chick beak:

In Beak Colour, Ch 2.

Row 1: 4 Sc in second chain from hook. (4 St)

Row 2: (Sc in next stitch. 2 Sc in next stitch.) Repeat () once more. (6 St)

Row 3: (Sc in next 2 stitches. 2 Sc in next stitch.) Repeat () once more. (8 St)

Sl st to next stitch. Fasten off yarn. Leave a long enough piece for sewing the beak onto the face.

Stuff the beak a tiny bit (it’ll be very small). Sew the beak onto the face, in between the eyes.

Sew the two feet onto the bottom of the body, just like in the penguin pattern.

Sew the two wings onto either side of the body, just like in the penguin pattern.

That’s it! You’ve got a chick!

Easter Chick 2

He’d look really good in an Easter basket. I’m heading to my parent’s for Easter, so I’m thinking of bringing this little guy and letting him ride around in my Easter basket. (Yes, I still have an Easter basket. Where else would I put all the eggs?)

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