Yarn Birthday Cake

My Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my Birthday! (I am now 26.)

Birthday Flowers

My Mom and Dad and brother, Paul, came up for the weekend. These are the flowers Mom got for me, and the lovely picture Paul made.

Oh, it was so nice! Paul slept over two nights at my place. We watched Tangled – I will admit – at my request. My Grandmas came down on Saturday, too, and we all went to a really nice restaurant in town. I was a little worried that the Grandmas might not like this place – but it turns out that they LOVED it! (We all did.) Much to my father’s delight, there were some guitar players at this place who were more than happy to come over and play Happy Birthday on their guitars. They were very good … and I was very red in the face. I thought, Well, at least this doesn’t involve standing on a chair and wearing a cowboy hat (because, usually, it does).

Oh, and wait till you see the cake that Mom made for me:

Yarn Birthday Cake

Isn’t it AMAZING?!

Mom always makes the best cakes. She clearly knows about my yarn obsession.

And, finally, here are the lovely tulips (my favourite) from my lovely Mark:

Birthday Tulips

All in all, a really great weekend.

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