Amigurumi Shelf
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An Amigurumi Shelf

I’ve made myself veeery busy lately with repainting a bunch of stuff in my house. The big project involved the sanding down, priming and painting of the kitchen table and chairs. They used to be a forrest green colour, but now they are bright and happy! Anyway, the table and chair adventure is another post entirely.

I used the lovely aqua paint that I put on the chairs to brighten up a shelf that my parents wanted to get rid of. This project was uber quick because of the wonderfully flat surfaces that make up this shelf. (I’ve grown to fear knobbly bits after repainting the table and chairs, which are almost entirely knobbly.)

So this little shelf was a nice, quick project. And look how happy it is now!

Amigurumi Shelf

I knew as soon as I took it from my parents exactly what would go on the shelf: AMIGURUMIS!!

They really are everywhere in my house, so it’s nice to have a special spot for them. I’m thinking of rotating amis so that everyone can get a turn on the happy-amigurumi shelf!

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