Totoro 2
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WIP: A Big Totoro

I suppose this Totoro isn’t that big, but, compared to what I usually crochet, he’s huuge! I’m really liking his size. It’s so much bigger than what I’m used to. He’s got some serious ‘heft’.


I’m working from a sketch that I made from some screen captures from the movie. I tried to get the proportions as close as I could to my sketch, and so far, I am pretty pleased with it! I want to eventually make a smaller, blue Totoro and a teensy, white Totoro, too.

This big guy still needs details like claws, a nose, belly-chevrons and a tail. I’m also thinking of adding some ‘eye liner’ to give his eyes some definition.

Totoro 2

Odis was relaxing beside an arm-less Totoro this weekend. She’s been enjoying my unfinished TV cabinet blanket. (It was going to be a pillow, but ended up too big. Now, once I finish sewing it together, it’s going to cover the warps and stains on my classy formica board TV cabinet.)

Odis and Totoro

Boo seems to like Totoro, too, but not in a way that I’m entirely comfortable with. I came home from work yesterday to find Totoro lying face down in the dining room with some slobber on his backside! Boo never chews my amigurumis, so I was shocked that he wanted to have a go with Totoro (especially since he’s not that much smaller than Boo)!

Anyway, I went to find Boo to give him a stern talking to – and was met with the ridiculously cute eyes of ridiculousness:


Awww, too cute. Why was I mad at you again? Hugs??

2 thoughts on “WIP: A Big Totoro”

  1. Hi,

    Do you have a pattern for this Totoro? I’m re-doing my daughters’ room in Totoro theme and would love to be able to make Totoro for them. All the plush dolls out here in Japan are so ridiculously expensive, I’d much prefer to make my own! Please let me know if you have a pattern and how much you charge for it.


    Anna Young
    Misawa, Japan

  2. Hi Anna, Your Totoro project sounds great. My poor Totoro has been sitting in my family room not yet finished for weeks! I really need to get around to completing him. So, I haven’t written a pattern for him (yet). I’m thinking of writing one up eventually and when I do I’ll blog about it.
    In the meantime, you can check out Etsy/Ravelry for other Totoro patterns that are out there.


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