Odis Profile 1
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Odis would like to pose for you now

Odis does not usually like getting her photo taken. It’s as if she understands the concept of the camera and is almost always unimpressed. Whenever I want to take a nice photo of her, I usually get this:

Unimpressed Odis on Chair

Odis: “Oh, please. How juvenile. Can’t you see I’m busy?”

Except, the other day, Odis was in such a good mood, and the light coming in the family room was soo ideal (Odis loves good lighting) that I got this:

Odis Poses 1

Odis: “Um, hun? I’m ready for my closeup. I’ve already found the good light, just, please, try to keep up, Ok?

Odis Poses 3

Odis: “Now I’m going to walk in to the light, alright? Then I’ll turn around and look at you from behind. Are you getting this? Now I’m going to streeetch up my head dramatically. Waay up. Elooongate the neck. Have you got it?”

Odis Profile 1

Odis: “OK. Time for the profile shot. Now I want to be dramatically washed in light. More light, more light…”

Odis Profile 2

Odis: “Oh, no. Too much light. Now you’ve washed me out completely.”

After that, she’d had enough.

Speaking of my kitties, they were helping me (read: getting in every way possible) while I was sewing like crazy yesterday. Some of it was clothing adjustments that have been sitting in a pile for a really long time, but some of it was craft related. Results will be posted soon!


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