Pillow Cases on Bed
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Pretty Pillow Shams

I finally finished the pillow cases made from the beautiful Amy Butler fabrics that I talked about in this post. (I eventually got over my terror of cutting them up and making a mistake and wasting some loveliness.) And I’m so happy about them! Finally our bedroom looks so bright and airy!

Pillow Cases on Bed

I used the measurements from my old pillow shams to make these pillow cases. They’ve got four pretty panels at the front and a flap at the back to squeeze the pillow in.

I’m certainly not the best sewer out there – I’m very new at it – but I’m planning on doing a post with a little tutorial on how to make these guys. It was a really perfect project for a newbie like me (all straight seams)!

The funny thing about these pillow cases is that Boo looooves them. I mean, he usually loves getting in the way with whatever I’m up to, but with these? He could barely pull himself off of them for me to finish sewing them up. The second I sewed one side together, he flying-lept-dove onto them, curled up and went to sleep.

Boo Sleeping on Pillow

Silly boy.

Oh, and the moon poster above our bed? It’s the poster that my dad had throughout university – and the one that I took with me to university. It’s so cool and rumpled. There are deep fold lines and rips that have been patched with masking tape (from decades ago) and I love every bit of it. (I even used the colours in the moon poster to tie in the colours elsewhere: blues and aquas.)

Here’s a final shot of the moon rising over my pillows.

Moon over Pillows

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