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Yarn Store Goodies

About a month ago, Mark and I went on a trip to the big city (Toronto). Among the things we had planned was a visit to a specialty yarn store on Queen Street called Romni Wools. I’m a notorious acrylic yarn girl (because they work great for amigurumis) so I wouldn’t normally have sought out a fancy yarn store. The reason that I went is because Mark’s parents gave me a gift certificate for my birthday (how nice is that!?) so it gave me a great excuse to try something new!

Now, I’ve been in specialty yarn stores before, so I knew there were going to be a lot of options. But, I had NO IDEA how much choice there was in this particular store… This place was huge. And it was jam packed with as much yarn as possible. I’m talking floor-to-ceiling, every-square-foot-packed-with-shelves-and-crammed-with-wool. It was at yarn critical capacity. This was going to be difficult for me.

I ended up going with bright colours (my default) with a few super soft ones thrown in for good measure.

Rainbow Yarn

The really colourful ones were wooly but not itchy.

The white one is 20% Angora. It’s soooo soft. (Side note: angora is bunny right? I was thrown off because there’s a picture of a cat on the label…)

Angora Yarn

The two last ones I bought were baby alpaca. These were soooo wonderfully soft. The most expensive one was the one on the right, but I just had to get it beacuse of the giant ropey softness.

Alpaca Yarn

So, now I have a big problem: I have no idea what to make with all of this wooly goodness! The only thing I could think of so far, was making a very light scarf out of a chain of roses using the really soft angora. Since there’s not very much of it, I have a feeling that it would end up being more like a soft necklace made of roses, which would be kind of cool too… Any ideas?

1 thought on “Yarn Store Goodies”

  1. Lovely yarn choices! I think you’re on the right track with a scarf or a cowl. Maybe a stroll through free Ravelry patterns will provide some inspiration? Enjoy!

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