Sleepy Rosie on her bed


I am writing to you now, dear readers, with great difficulty of concentration … the reason is that I’m caught between typing and snorgling the small adorable puppy at my feet. (See below for explanation.)

Sleepy Rosie on her bed

This, however, is not my puppy. This is my parents’ puppy that they brought home a few days ago. She is just TOO CUTE!

Rosie is a little sheltie puppy. Yesterday, she learned that sticks are fun to play with.

Rosie and the stick

And that stairs are challenging (but she figured them out!)

Rosie and the stairs

I am going to leave here with a million photos of this little puppy. Everything she does is just adorable. Today I’m breaking out the video camera too!

Rosie running


3 thoughts on “Rosie”

  1. Your sheltie ADORABLE! I was thinking about getting another sheltie (I had a sheltie/cocker mix growing up) and they are a terrific breed; according to Wikipedia, they rank high (depending on whose standards you check) on canine intelligence lists.

    Please post some more photos, soon!

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