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A Bedside Table Makeover

The quest for bedside tables has been going on for upwards of a year, I would say. At first, Mark and I scouted out the new, matchy-matchy stuff at nice furniture stores, but nothing really caught our eye. First of all, they all seemed so generic and void of personality! Secondly, they were sooo expensive (and often, not even made out of real wood).

Our bedroom (as with all other rooms in our house) is what we like to call ‘eclectic’. That’s a nice way of saying: lots of handmade and lots of hand-me-downs. So, it wasn’t too long into our bedside table search that we turned to kijiji. (I really heart kijiji.) There’s so much cool stuff on there and so much random. (I heart random.)

Anywho, it took some scouting but I finally found one in a shape that I liked. It’s some good, old fashioned, retro, clean lined boxiness. And, it’s made out of real wood! No particle board for me!

Bedside Table 1

Well, I knew right away that it would definitely need a coat of paint. I’m not against the look of wood, but this stain was very orangey. Plus, I’d been influenced by some furniture that I’d seen online that was a mix of wood finish and high-gloss brightly coloured paint. I decided to go that route.

Bedside Table 2

Boo, of course, insisted on sitting in the bedside table, once the primer was dry.

Bedside Table (Primed)

And here is the finished product! Ta Da!

It’s so bright and colourful! (The colour was actually called ‘Honeydew’. Love that.) I kept the doors their original colour. I really like the contrast with the paint. Ahhh. So far, I’m just loving it.

Finished Bedside Table

And finally, as an added sweetener to this post, here is a video of Rosie the puppy. I’ve posted a few of them on youtube, so that my parents can send links to people who want to see their little puppy. Here is one of Rosie chasing my Mom around a tree in the back yard.

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